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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

May 12, 2019

Back like a spinal cord!!


We hear about everything from demonic Easter bunnies to dogs made of mist, just how scary do you want it?!

Sir Pauls back with the "Lar" which is always nice (?)

And all the usual nonsense.


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Mar 10, 2019

TECHNICALLY No. 29, (given last weeks didnt have a number, then again, neithers this one ;-/)

We're back with 2 outstanding stories, also an update on last weeks EVP, which you just wont believe! 

Also, er, what the flip happens to kev mid story telling please?? 

Answers on a postcard!! :~O

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Feb 2, 2019


Quarter of a century! Hoo-ray! 

In this show we take a look at some alleged academic researchers findings and their first hand experiences with GHOSTS!


We also get a bit of 60s mania mixed with the alphabet (dont ask) and the usual sprinkling of nonsense atop the spooky cake which is the show.

Jan 27, 2019


Yes, Kev wasnt killed by demons in his flat, phew!!

And that means this week he gets to look in depth at a listener provided ghost story, the haunting of Gladstone Villa!

Its rare to get first hand accounts in such detail these days so this was a joy to receive and read out!

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Jan 20, 2019

3-2-1...HAPPY NEW YEA....Ok, so I'm obviously late to the party.

It IS however, the first WNTTAG of 2019!! And what do we have in store for you????

Well, this time around, we take a look at the true ghost stories of medical professionals as they try and go about their work in hospitals in the UK & US.

Yes I announce...