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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Oct 30, 2018

There's fresh off the presses, then there's this episode, this was recorded 'as-live' on the evening of the 30th October, and is ALREADY in your ear holes!!


Kev & Bekah went to the 18th century Blackburne House, over 200 years of history (and spookiness) in the one place, listen now to hear some fab stories from Andrea (who works there and has first hand experience of the ghostly goings on) and from Max who set this whole thing up and was lovely enough to even join us for an 'as live' recorded seance!


We try everything in this episode, from dowsing rods to tarot, so if you dont like your podcasts spread thick with the occult then avoid like the plague!

Special thanks to Max & Andrea from Blackburne House for being lovely hosts & good sports.