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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Apr 29, 2018

Oh Fred! You are naughty! 

Join us as we head back in time to a good ol northern english town, where good ol hard working people have a good ol poltergeist running amuck.

Other than the black monk getting 4 by 4'ed we also have, finally, an 'interview with the sceptic'. Yes, after much bribery Bekah takes to the show to...

Apr 23, 2018

Who knows what lurks in the basement of this suburban funeral home come house?

Who knows what horror is waiting to unleash on the family Snedeker?

Who knew there was a hidden "C" in ConneCticut?

Listen to find out the answers to all this and more!

we also have the usual 4 and against, and this weeks "Story you shouldnt...

Apr 16, 2018

Haunted houses may just be a common trope, but this one seems to have more credibility than others....or does it?

Also we have a cracker of a "Story you shouldnt have heard", 4 and against, and an update of the resident flat poltergeist!! (or do we).

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send your story in to...

Apr 9, 2018

To start the paranormal ball rolling lets take a look (glance) at Amityville, was it one of the most horrific hauntings in history? Or a naughty puppy with no self control?

Also we have a "Story you shouldnt have heard" along with 4 /4 and 4 / against. All in all a jolly frightful time (disclaimer:may not be either)

Apr 9, 2018

Is this the most famous English ghost story? Possibly. 

Does a deceased pensioner talk through an 11 year girl? errrrr...

We take a look at all things gruff voiced and also have another "Story you shouldnt have heard" plus paranormal news and all the usual stuff.