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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

May 28, 2018


Yes, this week we're in Royal Wedding mode/overkill so what better time to look at the many (many) ghosts which populate the most famous tower outside Trump and Blackpool?

Also just WHY is Kev podcasting semi nude?

We literally enter the twilight zone in "Stories you shouldnt have heard!" and...

May 20, 2018


So, this week we take a look at Hellfire Farm, dubbed "The Welsh Amityville" (but without the dog) find out what the family allegedly asked Channel 4 to keep out of the programme, and why Egyptian Deities occasionally pop down to the valleys for their holidays!


Also more of the usual, 4...

May 14, 2018

EVP - "Extra Versatile Pigeon"? SPR "Society for Pigeon Retirees?"

Paranormal jargon makes me SMH sometimes. (shake my head)

In this episode we get down with the (black eyed) kids and learn the lingo we need to allow us to hear podcasts (such as this) without losing half the story (and overusing brackets).

This week we...

May 7, 2018

A doe, a deer, a female deer!

No, just a doe, A Roland Doe and the horrific true story behind THE possession film to end all others.

There maybe no spinning heads, but theres a whole host of terrifying stuff going on...if true.

Also 4 and against, and a cracking story about a haunted caravan by one of our listeners.