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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Jun 24, 2018

As warned last week, its the "No Prep" episode!!

So today due to a trip to the Isle of Man, we take a look at Kevs 1935 divination book instead, wow is it weird! 

Also, MUCH against her will, Bekahs back on the show to pour more sceptical milk in to Kevins paranormal porridge.

Back to normal next week!


Jun 17, 2018

I'll see your 3 bed semi, and raise it 157 rooms!

Yes, we're off to the US of A to take a look at what mega rich widow Sarah Winchester done with her inheritance,... after some persuading from the other side that is!!

Kev has a run in with the imaginary police force, leading to a great "Stories you shouldnt have...

Jun 10, 2018

Yes, those 4 young mop tops have a few spooks of interest that will have you shaking your head and shouting "WOOOOOO!" at the top of your voice! 

In this one i'll take you around a few places of beatles-note which harbour some ghoulies and tales! (and some dubious ones...and even more dubious impersonations) find out...