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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Oct 30, 2018

There's fresh off the presses, then there's this episode, this was recorded 'as-live' on the evening of the 30th October, and is ALREADY in your ear holes!!


Kev & Bekah went to the 18th century Blackburne House, over 200 years of history (and spookiness) in the one place, listen now to hear some fab stories from...

Oct 28, 2018


The venue for the 2018 Halloween Special has been agreed, and if over 200 year old haunted schools are right up your alley then this announcement is for you!!

Thats not all...


Our Patreon site is now fully up and running!! Everything from badges to Production titles could be yours! 

Oct 21, 2018


As we prepare for the 2018 Halloween Special, its only right that we re acquaint ourselves with the person who will be co-hosting next weeks "as live" episode, yes the total non-believer who is Bekah!

This episode features solely the two appearances from Bekah from the show clipped and sewn together as...

Oct 14, 2018

Oh you wonderful listeners sure know how to tell a spooky tale!! Poltergeists galore and vengeful curses abound!

Also Kev informs us of his recent travels (not paranormal)

And we get two amazing stories courtesy of the Occultae Veritatis Podcast!!!

All in all a veritable SPOOKFEST!!