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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Jul 14, 2019


Back to normal schedules, Kev is over the moon (and buzzing off coffee) ergo we have an extra large episode to digest.

Loads of scary stories from our wonderful listeners, Sir Pauls feeling sad (awww) and even Bekah shows up!!


Big shout to all our patreons! Especially our Patreon Producer Mr Anthony...

Jul 4, 2019

Be still my beating head!

Yes, weve returned safe and sound from Glastonbury for more true ghost stories, are they scary? 100%! is this episode on time? 72.3%


Maccas back trying to raise a kinky ghost, oh and a patreon song featuring no patreons!

All this can be yours just by hitting the download button!

Big thanks to...

Jun 24, 2019


So this week were both in Glastonbury (Bekahs birthday is ruining me!) so this is a pre record.

However, we have an AMAZING follow up on the now infamous "Creaky Creeper!" from last weeks show and a re-telling of the famous "Cock lane poltergeist" 

Big thanks to our Patreon Producer Mr Anthony Ward Esq!


Jun 22, 2019

Hey allllll!!!

Hows your week been??

Mines been 24 hrs long! (given Im recording midweek)

Some amazing stories in this weeks episode though!

& its a certain someones birthday! (no not Bekahs)


Big shout out to our Patreon Producer the wonderful Anthony Ward Esq!!


Fancy becoming a patreon??

Jun 19, 2019

EVP from nightmaresville USA (or UK) population YOU!


Get on to the last audio on this minisode, seriously, i just had to share immediately!!!


Thats me not sleeping forever!!