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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Aug 24, 2019

A HUGE episode with loads of terrifying tales to scare you witless!!!

Bekah makes an impromptu arrival to tell us a tale of her own (in a way) and more German parties at the mid-point!

Big shout to our 2 Patreon Producers for this episode, Mr Anthony Ward Esq, and Mr Josh Carter Esq.

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Aug 16, 2019


(Damn work!) 

Ok so its not Sunday, my bad, but think of the fun we can have on a weekends eve!! 100% spookiness and floating dog toys! now thats MY way to spend a Friday night!

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Aug 11, 2019


Oh its the best time of the week here at WNTTAG HQ! 

Loads of pant wettingly scary true stories from you lovely listeners, and alllll the usual nonsense! 

Its Sir Pauls final week...but who brought a baby to the show?!?

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Aug 1, 2019

If theres anybody download!

Yes! Its a OUIJA BOARD episode!! two amazingly terrifying stories about what happens when people decide human interaction is lame,and only the dead will doodle doo!

Also Sir Paul is in his death throws with just one more episode to go!!

Big thanks to our Patreon Producer Sir...

Jul 28, 2019


How the blessed be are ya?

All good I hope? Well this week we have some BELTING tales of demons, pentagrams, all manor of terrifying true tales!

Oh...and Sir Paul of course!


Big thanks to our Patreon Producer Mr Anthony Ward Esq!

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