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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Feb 23, 2019

Episode 28!! And is this the death knell for Paul Macca's spooky alphabet??

Enough about him though, just what horrors lurk in the BBC London studios?? We find out right here!

Also, we play arguably the clearest EVP you will ever hear!


All that and the usual nonsense in this weeks WNTTAG!


Big thanks to our Producer...

Feb 16, 2019

Journalism isnt allllways a bad thing! 


Not when it can bring forth stories such as these! A full week (ahem) after last weeks spooky episode, Kevs back to put spook in your lugholes and await your facial expressions. 


oh, and Maccas up to "C"...


This episodes producer is the brilliant Anthony...

Feb 9, 2019



Yes its more amazing listener ghost stories this week, also the infamous tap turner of Liverpool has made a guest appearance.

Maccas (sadly) back with his spooky alphabet, and we hear some of your feedback and suggestions too!


This weeks shows producer is the wonderful Mr Anthony Ward! The very...

Feb 2, 2019


Quarter of a century! Hoo-ray! 

In this show we take a look at some alleged academic researchers findings and their first hand experiences with GHOSTS!


We also get a bit of 60s mania mixed with the alphabet (dont ask) and the usual sprinkling of nonsense atop the spooky cake which is the show.