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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Mar 30, 2019

Hey y'all!!


Yes, I'm a cowboy now. (not really) Anywho, this weeks episode has some amazing tales to feast upon, and er,...whats happened to Sir Paul??? Answers on a postcard...


Big thanks to our PP (Patreon Producer) Anthony Ward!!

Mar 24, 2019

Do ghost apps even work though???


Big thanks to Anthony Ward for PPing the show!!

Mar 17, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...well,kinda.


As its our sort of 30th episode what better thing to do than avoid any chair pushing ghouls and record from the living room!? 

what could POSSIBLY go wrong there?? hmmmm...listen and find out I say!

Big shout out to our Patreon Producer Anthony Ward!!!

Mar 10, 2019

TECHNICALLY No. 29, (given last weeks didnt have a number, then again, neithers this one ;-/)

We're back with 2 outstanding stories, also an update on last weeks EVP, which you just wont believe! 

Also, er, what the flip happens to kev mid story telling please?? 

Answers on a postcard!! :~O

Big thanks to our patreon...

Mar 2, 2019



So what does a world without number look like? We find out in this weeks show!

We have some AMAZING TERRIFYING stories to feed your earholes this week, and Bekah tells Kev off for being "wonky"


All the usual nonsense too of course!


Big thanks to our Producer-via-Patreon Anthony Ward!!


#ghosts, #scary,...